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About Us

Helping YOU Be in Mint Condition

We offer mystery boxes full of amazing thrift finds, vintage vinyls that will introduce you to new music, and more! The boxes come in subscriptions and one-time purchases.

Music Set

Our Story

We deliver the best mystery boxes for any fashion and music lover. This business started out of a love for records and thrifted clothing.

It is my dream to not only turn this into a successful business, but also help people in multiple ways. We want to introduce people to all kinds of music and fashion ideas. One of the hardest things about record shopping, for example, is that you do not always know whether to buy an album. You may like the cover, but who knows if you will like the music. That is why we handpick all of the records and listen to them to ensure quality in the physical record and the music. 

How We Give Back

For each box, customers have the option to receive 2-10 clothing items. After a purchase, Vinti Box will give away half of the number of clothing items to a person or family in need.

With your help, we can ensure that people have clean, newer clothing. When winter comes around, we will focus on donating hoodies, sweaters, jackets, and more to help people get through the colder months.

Meet the Inventor of the Vinti Box


Hello! My name is Keeton Field, I am 19 years old, and I am the CEO and owner of Vinti Box! I'm from Austin, Texas, also known as the Live Music Capital of the World. I started this company because I believe that music and fashion are two of the best ways to show who you really are. Not only this, but music has always held a special place in my heart and has gotten me through a lot. Growing up, I have dealt with years of anxiety and depression. Music was the one thing that kept me going each day. Finding new music and listening to an artist's powerful lyrics helped me find inspiration and the desire to keep going. That is something that I hope to share with others through the Vinti Box.

I have always wanted to become an entrepreneur. From the age of six, I began selling homemade sports paraphernalia, food, and items at garage sales. At the beginning of high school, I started my first real business: In my junior year of high school, I joined IncubatorEDU, a class that assigns you to teams to start a business. My team created Bamboo Boxes, a subscription box full of activities for kids to do to increase their creativity and problem-solving skills. In my senior year, I auditioned the business for the hit T.V. show "Shark Tank" and made it to the third round of auditions. 

Who We Support

Our Goal is to be successful with this business, in order to not only support these amazing organizations and movements verbally, but financially too.


Where People Are Loving Vinti Boxes!

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